International Marketing and Sales: Creating a Powerful LinkedIn Profile for Export Success

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LinkedIn, a social platform for professionals, has become an indispensable tool for companies planning to expand into international markets. In 2024, the development of this platform will gain even greater significance, becoming a key element of marketing strategy. Why? The answer lies in the following article, which will present the benefits of building a professional LinkedIn profile for export success. 

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Why LinkedIn and Why is it Important for Export?

LinkedIn, currently boasting over a billion users worldwide, has evolved from a recruitment platform into a place full of valuable content and interactions. In 2024, we anticipate a significant increase in organic user engagement, making the platform increasingly attractive for marketing and sales purposes. LinkedIn dominates in terms of business activity, making it the most effective channel for generating high-quality B2B leads.
LinkedIn allows for precise targeting of target groups based on demographic data, which is incredibly valuable in the context of export. Currently, it has over a billion users, 67 million business profiles, with the highest shares in Asia (277 million), Europe (257 million), and North America (233 million), making it an excellent tool for building relationships with potential foreign partners, especially in highly developed countries.

Benefits of Building Presence on LinkedIn for Exporters

Maintaining an active presence on LinkedIn brings several benefits for export and international sales development:
  1. Professional Business Network: LinkedIn enables the building of an extensive business network, crucial in international relations. Connecting with representatives of companies from other countries opens up opportunities for establishing partnerships.
  2. Searching for Trade Partners: Advanced search tools on LinkedIn allow for precise identification of criteria for desired business partners, facilitating initial contact.
  3. Brand and Product Promotion: Professional company profiles allow for effective brand promotion and presentation of products or services internationally. Posting content in English increases reach, and proper use of hashtags increases the chance of potential contractors finding the profile.
  4. Sales Support: Enables contact with key individuals on the potential contractor’s side, generating interest in the offer through the publication of educational content or sharing expert knowledge.
  5. Building Expertise: Publishing articles and opinions on industry topics increases attractiveness to business partners.
  6. Building Relationships with Existing Partners and Potential Contractors (Leads): LinkedIn allows for maintaining contact with current business partners and strengthening partnerships. People in the contact circle receive notifications published on their profiles. Inviting contacts from people who met at trade shows and industry events is non-binding yet opens up opportunities for future cooperation.
  7. Market and Competition Analysis: Tracking competition and observing trends provides valuable information for planning international expansion.

How to Get Started? Actions that will help you Succeed?

Company Profile Development

Developing a professional image on LinkedIn starts with completing information on the profile. It should include a company description in English and graphical presentation in the form of banners.

Individual Profiles of Key Persons/Experts

Completed photos, bios, job responsibilities in the current position, contact base. Profiles should also have banners, preferably with the company logo.

Plan and Publish Content

Plan and publish content, about the company’s life, industry awards, partnerships, participation in industry events, client references, reports, sharing expert knowledge. The key is to publish interesting content that not only attracts attention but also allows you to present yourself as a specialist in the field and adds value.

Invite existing clients to connect

It’s worth reviewing the list of clients, locating whether these individuals have a LinkedIn profile, and sending a connection request.
Regular activity on LinkedIn requires time and commitment, but it will bring the expected results.

Maintain a Consistent Image and Branding – Not Just on LinkedIn

The image of an exporter abroad plays a crucial role in building trust and attracting potential clients. It is crucial in international marketing efforts. To ensure consistency and build trust, pay attention to several key issues:

Brand Consistency

Ensure that branding is consistent across all platforms used for communication and promotion – website, other social platforms.

References and Recommendations

Share references from satisfied clients, increasing the trust of potential partners.

CSR Activities

Participate in local social initiatives, increasing community trust. If you adhere to ethical business practices, communicate it – it’s one of those things that positively impacts your image.

Language and Communication

Ensure website and materials are available in local languages for effective communication, or at least in English.

Professional photos of the company headquarters, team, and products


The modern exporter must invest in international marketing and effective tools, and LinkedIn becomes a key element of export development strategy. Proper utilization of this platform will contribute not only to building relationships but also to a positive image and sales growth.

It’s crucial to recognize that LinkedIn is among the channels potential clients go to when evaluating businesses. Neglecting to maintain a polished presence on this platform can result in a negative impression, hindering your ability to capitalize on the platform’s value. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that not all customers are active LinkedIn users. Therefore, while leveraging LinkedIn is crucial, it’s also important to diversify your marketing efforts to reach a broader audience across various channels.


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