Exporter Readiness Assessments.
Are You Ready to Export?

International trade is a powerful catalyst for growth, and at Explore Markets, we specialize in preparing businesses for the dynamic landscape of global markets. Assess your company’s readiness to enter your first international market, expand into additional markets, or take on more challenging, high-growth export markets.

Our Export Readiness Assessment Process. How it works?

Experience our Export Readiness Assessment Process, crafted to collaborate seamlessly with business owners. This process is designed to pinpoint areas necessitating review, improvement, investment, training, formalization, and enhancement. The end goal is to facilitate a smooth transition for your company into a thriving exporting business.

The Explore Markets Exporter Questionnaire

Our specially designed questionnaire captures crucial information about your company. What we would like to evaluate are your:

  • Internal Resources and Capacities

  • Domestic Success Indicators

  • Company Certifications

  • Business Goals

  • Product/Services Range

  • Production Capacity

  • Technology

Export Readiness Assessments_Explore Markets Services
  • Financial Resources for Market Development

  • Shipping and Logistics Knowledge

  • ESG Considerations

Explore Markets Visit to Your Company

Engage in a minimum one-day visit to your company, allowing us to review the questionnaire directly with your management. This in-person exploration provides a deep understanding of your business and uncovers additional relevant information.

Export Readiness Assessments_Explore Markets Services
xport Readiness Assessments_Explore Markets Services

The Explore Markets Export Readiness Report

Our experts assess all gathered information, producing a comprehensive final report. This report outlines your current business status, the desired destination, and the necessary steps to achieve Export Readiness. Emphasis is placed on key areas, including SWOT Analysis for entering the target markets, Independent Review of Your Business Strategy and Detailed Step-by-Step Plan for Export Readiness.

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