Sourcing and Supply Chain
in Central & Eastern Europe

Central and Eastern Europe offers good sourcing, supply chain, and manufacturing opportunities for European companies. Recent trends towards regionalization of supply chains and nearshoring emphasizes the attractiveness of the CEE region in a European context.

Explore optimal sourcing and supply chain opportunities in Central & Eastern Europe.

Discover the benefits of regionalized sourcing, supply chains and nearshoring, leveraging the CEE region’s strategic location, market access, robust manufacturing traditions, high quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Uncover the competitive advantages that make CEE an attractive hub for supply chain optimization and successful sourcing strategies.

Supplier Search

Our approach involves a systematic, step-by-step process to identify, evaluate, and initiate discussions with potential suppliers that meet our criteria.

  • Develop supplier requirement profile

  • Identify companies

    Search and identify companies that match the requirement profile. We use a number of different sources and methods to create a long list of companies.

  • Rank the companies

    Rank the companies on the long list to get a manageable amount of the most relevant companies.

  • Phone call

    Personal contact by phone with selected companies from the long list. We then conduct a first qualification and generate interest at the same time.

  • Video meeting

    Video meetings with the most suitable companies for an in-depth interview. The aim is to make a detailed evaluation and to ask detailed qualification questions (e.g. premises, machinery, personnel, etc.).

  • Evaluation

    Detailed evaluation of the selected companies including collection and analysis of financial data.

  • Factory visits

    Planning, booking and execution of factory visits with initial business discussions.

  • Inquiry

    Inquiry to selected companies.

  • Cooperation agreements

    Evaluation of offers, negotiation and signing of cooperation agreements.

Sourcing and Manufacturing in CEE_Factory

Supplier Visits & Audits

Our expert team conducts thorough supplier visits and evaluations, providing insights into their operations and capabilities. We go beyond the surface, conducting audits of the sub-supplier network to identify potential risks. Additionally, we specialize in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) audits, helping you align your supply chain practices with sustainable and responsible business standards.

CEE Procurement Service

Outsource Sourcing Services and Regular Supplier Audits to Explore Markets. Our services encompass supplier selection, contract negotiation, and supplier management. Harness extensive experience and local expertise, allowing your internal team to reallocate resources and concentrate on core tasks. 

Supply Market Analysis

What product categories should you focus on, and which are ideal for locating in the CEE? Delving into critical aspects, we examine cost drivers, manufacturing capabilities, trade opportunities, and barriers. We navigate local labor forces, raw material sources, governmental incentives, and infrastructure, offering insights crucial for optimizing speed-to-market

Sourcing and Manufacturing in CEE_Agriculture
Sourcing and Manufacturing in CEE_Container

Location Search and Establishment

Whether you’re seeking an optimal site for a Manufacturing or Distribution Center, our expert team conducts thorough location searches tailored to your specific needs. Our Establishment Support services further streamline the process, offering comprehensive assistance in setting up and launching your operations.

We cover 10 countries

We offer comprehensive support services in ten CEE countries, including Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, and Ukraine. Whether you are seeking manufacturing partners, or optimizing your supply chain, our expert team is here to guide you through every step.

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