Market research helps you take informed decisions and reduce risks

Our goal is to provide you with deep understanding of the Polish and Scandinavian markets to capture market opportunities.

According to our clients, exploring opportunities that lay outside their current operational scope is challenging.

In a constantly evolving business landscape, companies need to adapt and change to survive and to grow. Choosing the right direction is not always easy.

Deep understanding of the market dynamics in which your company wants to operate is essential.

What can you expect from market research delivered by our team?

Explore Markets supports companies across industries to identify the best strategy to enter (or not) a new market or segment and define the best model to do this. To achieve this goal, we provide our clients with:

Greenhouse Plants

Comprehensive Market Insights

Gain a profound understanding of the Polish and Scandinavian markets through a blend of extensive interviews with key industry stakeholders, on-site evaluations, and cutting-edge analytics.

Market Assessment

We look into market size and concentration, customer demographics, distribution channels, competitive dynamics, and regulatory landscapes. Our approach adapts to each project’s needs, employing a mix of primary research, desk research, and data compilation.
Planting plants


Recommendations for implementable market entry strategy scenarios. We assess potential partners (e.g. distributors) and acquisition targets and their capabilities to enable the market entry.

Four reasons you should carry out market research:
Good understanding of the market 100%
Insight into customer segment and specific customers to target 100%
Ability to make a market entry decision 100%
Ability to make a market entry plan 100%

Explore Markets supports clients in their journey into Poland and The Nordics. 

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