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Our market entry support services are tailored to assist you in establishing presence on the market through distributors, setting up a local company or an acquisition.

When it comes to market entry, the decisions you make are critical

Whether you’re considering establishing a subsidiary, acquiring an existing company, or seeking strategic partnerships, a well-thought-out strategy is essential. We take your aspirations and business objectives into account to craft a robust market entry strategy and provide you with a clear implementation roadmap. Leveraging our expertise and local insights, we’ll help you expedite your market entry and minimize potential risks.

How do we minimize risks associated with market entry and plan for best return on your investment?

We bring our experience, proven implementation methodologies and access to a network of industry experts to develop the entry strategy that suits your ambitions and business goals.

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Gathering strategic insight into the market

We provide you with deeper understanding of the price, competitions, regulations and opportunities. Together with industry experts we give you insight into market specificity and better understanding of challenges your company will face when entering.

Exploring different entry strategy options

Our analysis encompasses competitors and potential partners within the business landscape. We evaluate the market entry costs and project your expected return on investment (ROI). Through meticulous financial projections, we outline the expected revenue, costs, and profits.

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Developing your marketing and sales strategy

Creating a robust marketing and sales strategy involves meticulous planning to effectively position your product or service in the market. This encompasses various critical elements, such as: Price Strategy, USPs, Market Segmentation, Target Audience, Value Proposition, Competitive Analysis, Brand Image, Marketing Channels.

Mapping out your implementation journey

We look into a thorough analysis of competitors and potential partners within the business ecosystem. We assess the market entry costs and forecast your anticipated ROI. Our detailed financial projections encompass revenue, expenses, and profit estimations, providing you with a comprehensive implementation roadmap.
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Four reasons for building a solid Market Entry Strategy
Maximizes the revenue potential 100%
Shortens your time to market 100%
Reduces risks 100%
Secures profitability on the market 100%

Explore Markets supports clients in their journey into Poland and The Nordics. 

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