We help you grow your business in Poland and Scandinavia

Our market growth services help you to reach your business goals, whether you are represented by a distributor or run your own local company.

Elevate Your Market Growth with Us

The journey to drive your business forward truly commences once you’ve firmly established your market presence. This pivotal phase involves dedicated efforts in building your brand, expanding your customer base, and consistently delivering on your promises to customers. Whether you collaborate with a distributor or operate through your subsidiary, proactive business development is paramount.

How do we help our clients to Drive Market Growth?

With our local presence and long experience we contribute with knowledge, frameworks, contacts, resources and tools to support your market growth.

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Distributor Management

Ensure that your distributor is successful, which means that you are successful. At Explore Markets, we can guide you through the process of setting up a world-class distributor management framework or even support you with selected activity areas. With our service Distributor Audit we can also give you a second opinion on the performance of your current distributor.

Local Business Growth

After setting up your local company, focus will shift to reaching your business goals by proactively developing and growing the business. Our services can be customized to support you in the best way with sales and marketing as well as building a high performing team.

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Four ways to drive Market Growth:
Distributor Onboarding and Support 100%
Distributor Performance Management 100%
Lead Generation and Sales Support 100%
Building a High Performing Team 100%

Explore Markets supports clients in their journey into Poland and The Nordics. 

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