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Embark on a journey into CEE and The Nordics with Explore Markets by your side. Our team of international expansion consultants combines contemporary market entry strategies with invaluable local partnerships to fuel your growth.

Unlocking Opportunities in CEE and Scandinavia through International Expansion Services

Welcome to Explore Markets, where we’re not just your market entry consultants – we’re your trusted partners in navigating the vibrant markets of CEE and Scandinavia. In this section, we invite you to explore how our expertise can pave the way for your success in these dynamic regions.
Before venturing into any new foreign market, wisdom dictates thorough international market research. Our specialized focus on Poland, CEE, and Scandinavia has solidified our status as experts in these regions. Count on us to guide your research efforts, ensuring precise insights that lead to informed decisions and shield you from costly missteps.
From crafting a robust business strategy and Go-to-Market model to meticulous financial planning and seamless operational execution, we’re your trusted partner. Explore Markets is committed to helping you establish a strong presence in Poland and the Nordics while unlocking the full spectrum of market potential.
Sustainable growth in a new market is paramount. Our comprehensive approach includes managing your relationships with distributors, establishing local teams, and ensuring flawless integration following acquisitions. At Explore Markets, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring your business thrives in its new environment. Rest assured, we have every aspect covered for you.
Discover the Explore Markets advantage – your gateway to successful market entry and expansion. Explore, expand, and excel with confidence alongside your dedicated market entry consultants.

We empower you to reimagine your international growth

At Explore Markets, our mission is to deliver extraordinary results. To achieve that, we often dare to travel a different path.

We have a strong track-record in successful international expansion and an experienced leadership.
We combine our business acumen and knowledge with modern tools and techniques.

Working with Explore Markets is a partnership. We will invest in your business every step of the way. When your business succeeds, we succeed.

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International expansion consultants trusted by over 100 companies

Over 20 years, we’ve built strong relationships with some great companies. We’re proud to work with a range of established brands and emerging startups across Poland, Scandinavia and beyond.

"Explore Markets helped us to identify top prospects and get meetings with key decision makers. I was especially satisfied with the combination of a structured approach and hands-on work. On a personal level it was a pleasure to cooperate with the team."
Mattias Sommerfeld
CEO of Lemonwhale
"As we were assessing opportunities in Europe, Explore Markets delivered an excellent map of our target market. The team identified prime objects, established contacts with key stakeholders, and facilitated meetings. We were very satisfied with the work carried out."
Jacob Wedin_Photo
Jacob Wedin
Chief Strategy Officer at EZCORP

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